Scientist generate a new way to test Covid-19 from a smartphone screen
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Scientist generate a new way to test Covid-19 from a smartphone screen

As per the latest reports, scientists have generated a new way for covid-19 testing that swab your mobile phone screen as compared to your throat or nose. Instead of daily PCR testing, PoST (Phone Screen Testing) is an inexpensive, equally accurate, and non-invasive method.

Researchers from UCL (University College London) examined the samples gathered from the people’s mobile screens using the phone screen testing (PoST) way. They discovered that people who tested coronavirus positive with the daily nasal swab PCR test were positive when their tests were taken from the mobile screen.

The inexpensive and non-invasive PoSt way can be beneficial for low-income and middle countries.

Dr. Rodrigo Young of UCL (University College London) led the study. And, the team of University College London brings out the examination at Diagnosis Biotech, Dr. Young started the Chilean startup.

Phone Screen Testing is an environmental test as compared to a clinical test. As per the researchers, it was less expensive as well as non-invasive as compared to traditional RT-PCR. It includes gathering swabs from the mobile screen. When samples are gathered, they are inserted in a solution of saline water. Then, they are tested in the same method as other swabs found the presence of the virus.

The phone Screen Testing method noticed the virus on the mobile phone of the contagious people with a big virus load.

This machine is presently under development at Diagnosis Biotech, the startup of Dr. Young. As per the website of University College London, this machine will develop the research, taking a smartphone for Phone Screen Testing, and give the results directly through SMS to reduce contact.

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