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If your Gmail space fill, you can clean up and save the space

One of the popular services for mails that has almost more than 1 billion users is Gmail. But it can mess up rapidly, and providing the promotional emails that may be discovering their way to your inbox. With the deadline of Google with the picture looming, it is essential to clean up and delete lots of unread emails from your Gmail. Because the storage of Gmail is counted regarding the free 15GB of space that a person gets with their Google account.

The storage of free 15GB is allotted among Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Services. When you clean the storage of your Gmail, you will automatically get space for your Google Photos. Some methods help you to clean Your Google storage.

Delete emails

Open your Gmail and write has attachment bigger:10M in your search bar. It will carry all the emails that have a size of above 10Mb. In case, you want to delete bigger files, you can change the number 10 with those numbers. When Gmail shows the search results, choose the insignificant mails and then delete all the emails. Then, go to the trash section and clear your trash button. It is the best as well as simplest method to clear up the Gmail storage space.

How to avoid storage full problem of Gmail in your future

Firstly, unsubscribe from the irrelevant emails, and delete the old emails. In case, you signed in on the site that sends unlimited emails like newsletters or promotions, unsubscribes the particular site to not getting these types of emails. According to Google, it can take some days to not sending you a message after you unsubscribe the link.

  • Open your Gmail account on your phone, laptop, or PC.
  • Open Email that you desire to unsubscribe.
  • Click on the unsubscribe button which is placed close to the name of the sender.

A pop-up window will show. Tap on the unsubscribe button again to make sure that you don’t want to receive emails. Sometimes, you will be going to the website of the sender, and you can easily disable the email.

To delete the old emails, just write the sender name in your search bar and all the emails will show in the inbox. Then, you can simply delete them without reading. For instance, write Twitter in your search bar and you will all the Twitter-related emails. Simply tap on the select all button and all the emails will delete at a time.

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