China denies WSJ story on researchers falling sick at Wuhan lab

On Monday, US theory accused china that Covid-19 escaped from the Wuhan city central lab. The statement said that the 3 researchers from the lab facility go to the hospital for the treatment of fever in November 2019.

WSJ (Wall Street Journal) create a report that 3 researchers from China’s WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) were go the hospital one month prior seen the coronavirus first case.

The report of WSJ came on the meeting evening of the WHO (World Health Organization) decision-making team, which is assumed to expose the upcoming stage of the probe in the coronavirus origins. But Chinese foreign ministry person named Zhao Lijian said that the statement regarding 3 people getting sick is not true. And, Zhao said that the statement was completely wrong.

Also, the lab director named Yuan Zhiming told the Chinese media that report was wrong. He told that he read the news of WSJ story on global times that is a lie.

All the claims are baseless. And, there was no awareness in the lab about those sick researchers and Yuan told he don’t know from where the information came out. China denied the leak theory of lab and accused the United State of using the statement as a distraction from controlling the pandemic condition.

WHO investigates the coronavirus origin and told that it was unlikely the Covid-19 came from the leak in the lab. The international scientist also sees data from China on early cases.

Who is worried about the current situation of the world and collects all the theories on the table? The report is essential for starting, but it is not the end. No person yet discover the virus source, continually follow the process to find the source.

At the starting of the month, a group of 18 scientists called for an upcoming investigation in the origin of coronavirus and included that it can be created in the WIV lab.

The accidental theories release from zoonotic spillover and lab remain viable. The scientist wrote that understanding how coronavirus emerged is crucial for informing global strategies to reduce the chances of future outbreaks.

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