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Russia ready to transfer Covid vaccine technology

Indian companies get prepared to make a Russian manufactured Sputnik V covid vaccine to fulfill the staggering order in the country. On Saturday, Vladimir Putin who is President of Russia said that Russia is the only country in the world that is prepared to transfer the Covid vaccine technology. Also, to increase production abroad, it was observed that vaccine was traded to 66 countries.

After the official in New Delhi, Russian President the Serum Institute of India has accepted initial approval from the drug regulatory of a country for producing Sputnik V.

In April 2021, Dr. Reddy’s laboratories which are Indian Pharma Company accept the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for this vaccine. Panacea Biotec in cooperation with Russian sovereign wealth fund RDIF has started the manufacturing of the Sputnik V covid vaccine in India.

Declining allegations on the efficacy of Sputnik V vaccine, Russian president at the time of virtual interaction with editors of International news agencies said that slow down in getting the vaccine was because of commercial interest and competitive struggle.

For the coronavirus pandemic, China blamed by several countries particularly the US. Russian President said very much about the particular subject highlighted that the calamity should not be politicized. He also answered the question on the cause of the coronavirus pandemic.

In last week, Joe Biden who is the president of the US said that he has requested further investigation into the Coronavirus origins among allegations that Covid 19 come from the Wuhan City lab. Also, Donald Trump wants a fine from China due to the cause of Asian countries for death and destruction.

Russian President said via a translator that various things have been told on the subject and it seems that making comments regarding it will be pointless. He did not think that he can say something intriguing and new.

Putin said that there was nothing competitive against the Covid vaccine Sputnik V and they are selling their vaccine in 66 countries which is a big amount for them. The allegations are because of commercial reasons but they are following humanitarian reasons.

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