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Watch Qismat 2 Movie Trailer | Story | Release Date | Punjabi Film

Shiv and Bani are back with another tale of undying, selfless love and how fate shapes their story. Being a sequel to the 2018-film, it brings the same intensity of love with fun and comedy. But the story doesn’t end the same way. Watch Qismat 2 movie trailer below and read the story to know what the second part brings in for you.

The Qismat 2 Story

In the Qismat 2 plot, both Shiv and Bani are college students. Shiv desires to become a popular Badminton player and plays the sport in college as well. However, his family holds an opposite opinion. Shiv’s father wants him to find a job and support his family financially. But Bani makes him understand the importance of studies. She convinces him to focus on his education for a better life ahead. In addition, she also teaches him the meaning of true friendship.

Watch Qismat 2 Movie Twist

After getting close to Bani, Shiv falls for her. When he confesses his love, Bani refuses to marry him. Instead, she gets married to Kabil, the groom her family chooses for her. Here, the couple separates, leaving Shiv alone and pining for Bani. After a few years, fate adds a twist and brings them together through some unexpected events. Now, when Shiv and Bani reunite, how will they react? What has life done to them in those years? Will they be a loving couple or does fate plays another card of separation? Watch Qismat 2 movie to find answers to all such questions. And, be ready for a roller coaster of love, emotions, fun, and comedy in Qismat 2 story.

The Cast and Crew

Qismat 2 lead cast returns with Sargun Mehta as Bani and Ammy Virk as Shiv. The gorgeous actress Tania also returns but with a different role. Jaani gets a place on the Qismat 2 cast list, portraying Bani’s husband Kabil. Hardip Gill and Rupinder Rupi play the roles of Kabil’s parents while Satwant Kaur is portraying Bani’s mother. In addition, Amrit Amby and Balwinder Bullet play Shiv’s friends.

Qismat 2 movie director is Jagdeep Sidhu, who is also the writer. The film’s producers are Navdeep Narula and Ankit Vijan. B Praak, Ammy Virk, Afsana Khan, Jyoti Nooran, and Romy are the singers of Qismat 2 songs.

Watch Qismat 2 Trailer Below

Qismat 2 release date is September 24, 2021. On the first day, Qismat 2 earning is 1.25 crores that’s better than Chal Mera Putt 2’s opening. You can watch Qismat 2 movie in a theatre near you. Book your tickets from here.

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