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Dikkiloona Watch Online | Story | Trailer | Release Date

Are you thinking about how your life could have been better if you would have a chance to alter your past? Director and writer Karthik Yogi created a story on the same. Dikkiloona is an Indian Tamil science-fiction comedy starring Santhanam as Mani. Read more details about dikkiloona watch online link, trailer, story, and release date.

It’s 2027 and Mani is working as a lineman on the electricity board. Although Mani is earning good, he regrets not making enough efforts to realize his dream of becoming a hockey player. There’s another thing he regrets more than his job. It’s marrying Priya, player by Anagha LK, who was once his dream girl. Yogi Babu plays Albert, a scientist who is secretly working on a time machine project to strengthen the fight against crimes. But the group of scientists hasn’t yet discovered a way to make it work until Mani accidentally discovers them. And since the machine starts working on Mani’s arrival, he gets a chance to travel back to 2000 and amend things he now regrets.

Now, trying to change the past can have diverse impacts on the present life. How will Mani’s acts affect his life? Will he get the better life he dreams of now? Or will get be served a worse present because he tried to play with his past? Visit ZEE5 for Dikkiloona watch online to uncover the twist where it was released on September 10, 2021. The movie also stars Meghna as Shirin Kanchwala whom the 2027 Mani wants the 2020 Mani to marry. There’s also a cameo appearance by the popular cricketer Harbhajan Singh as Sardesh.

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