Blast at IAF in Jammu

Blast at IAF in Jammu: 2 drones dropped 2KG IED from 100m height, flew back

Over  two KG IED (improvised explosive device) fitted with crash charges were dropped on the Air Station in Jammu on the night of Saturday.

According to the security establishment statement, there is a piece of evidence that the high-grade two drones were used in the terrorist attack.

At the base, the sentry heard the sound of 2 separate whirrings at the interval of 6 months. No other drones were discovered at the site and it is assumed that they released their payload and then went back.

An individual team from Bomb Data Centre of NSG (National Security Guard) and the NIA (National Investigation Agency) were looking after at the IAF base. The police of Jammu have filed an FIR against the terrorist charge.

Initial investigation reveals that the payload has been dropped from a minimum height of 100 meters. The improvised explosive device was fitted with the crash charge where the explosion occurs instantly on the crash or sometime later said by other security establishment officer.

The total payload on every drone was over two kg.  The explosive may be RDX because it is high grade. The officer added that the final result can become out after the right forensic examination.

According to the sources, the drone’s origin remains under investigation.

There is the assumption that it may come from Pakistan because these types of drones have dropped weapons in Jammu. The base distance from the border is 14km which is well in the drone range earlier come from Pakistan. The police officer of Jammu and Kashmir said that the 1 cannot rule out the local launch and all the angles are investigated.

The target was not clear in the IAF base.

Unless they only desire to show that the key security infrastructure of India can be simply targeted, the drone looks to missed their target, because they have not caused any particular damage.

As the light and bad precision, while flying with payload, they can have 100 to 150m dropping range that means they can miss their target from some distance.

It is not easier to say that what they want to target at the IAF base.

The attack, certainly the 1st launched by a drone in India, watch with the highest seriousness by the security establishment officer. In case, larger payloads are dropped, it can cause some serious damage and loss of lives. It will not be easier to protect these types of attacks because it will be easy to launch and not indulge militants crossing the border and coordinating. The security officer said that they don’t have robust technology to disable and detect the drone.

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