New cryptojacking malware is targeting via games such as GTA V
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New crypto jacking malware is targeting via games such as GTA V

Crypto mining malware that uses the resources of a computer to privately mine cryptocurrency has been developing for the last year. And, currently, hackers are going to follow gamers. As per the Antivirus maker Avast report, hackers are shielding malware in famous games such as NBA 2K19, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Grand Theft Auto V, etc. to infect devices. The malware is known as Crackonosh, appears to be of Czech origin. Some researchers said that hackers have earned an amount above $2 million to infect devices so far.

They said that the malware has been discovered in several countries on their devices. They discover 16,584 in Brazil, 13,779 in India, 18,448 in the Philippines, 12,727 in Poland, and 8,946 in the United Kingdom (UK). It uninstalls the security software and disables window updates on devices to protect detection.

The malware is generally used to crowdsource the operations of crypto mining. The cases of malware have been developing from the last year, among a crash in the cryptocurrency sector. Initially in this month, Kaspersky which is a security firm said it had seen above 200,000 cases of this malware in the 1st quarter of 2021.

It is very early to say that the trend is noted in 2021 is here to stay. It looks as the enhance in Bitcoin value and cryptocurrency has flashed a renewed interest in miners, said the security expert at Kaspersky, Evgeny Lopatin. He also added if the market of cryptocurrency remains powerful this year, then more cases of users encountering miners.

In the Global Threat Intelligence Report for the year 2021, NTT, which is a Japanese technology services firm observe that crypto-jacking schemes accounted for almost 41% of malware detected in 2020. Gamers use the strong computers that are available in the market, making them the right target for crypto mining that depends upon computing power.

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