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Xiaomi working on technology that can charge your phone with sound

Xiaomi is currently working on the latest technology in which you can charge your phone without an adapter. The method to charge phones has indeed been changing for the past few years. Most of the companies are focusing on the latest wireless charging technology if all the things working as planned. Then, Xiaomi may revolutionize the new method to charge smartphones.

As per the GizChine report, the company has appealed for a patent along with the state agency CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). It suggests the maker of the smartphone has been working on the latest charging technology that can use sound to charge the phone.

The upcoming charging technology will work on 2 components a power conversion sound, and a sound collection device. The power conversion device of Xiaomi will change the environmental vibration to mechanical vibration that will further change into alternating current.

The power conversion appliance changes the alternating current into a Direct current. In case, Xiaomi can roll out the technology, there is no need of charging bricks or cables anymore. It sounds very ambitious and it will take some time before the technology is ready for use.

Xiaomi has been active while it comes to charging technology. It is already working on 200W fast charging that may launch on a flagship mobile phone latest in the year. It had revealed the Mi Air Charge tech that can be used to charge several devices wirelessly at one time.

Charge several devices simultaneously when you are walking around, gaming, or do some work. Another huge leap forward in the charging technology, the officials of the company manage tweeted.

It has an integrated five-phase interface antenna, that can perfectly detect the device position to charge it. The array of phase control consists of 144 antennas that can emit mm (millimeter) waves via beamforming. Xiaomi already has 17 patents for the charging technology of Mi Air. The upcoming wireless charging technology can charge smartwatches as well as wearable devices.

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