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Mumbai-Kolkata flight with 113 passengers on board hits serious turbulence

On the Mumbai-Kolkata flight, a minimum of 3 passengers was injured because the aircraft came across serious turbulence exactly before landing. C Pattabhi who is the director of the airport said that UK 775 at 4:25 landed safely at the airport of Kolkata. The 5 passengers who get small injuries were addressed to their destination after 1st aid.

The aircraft was captured among air turbulence just before landing at the Kolkata airport. 3 passengers who face injuries were sent to the hospital. 1 elder person faces a shoulder dislocation and a lady experience a fracture on her right arm. And, 3rd person got an injury on his forehead. Kolkata airport senior official said that all the other passengers are safe.

He said that because of the turbulence, 5 passengers had got small injuries and 3 passengers were injured critically inside the aircraft. The critically injured people were transferred to the Charnock hospital for further treatment.

Due to the bad weather, an incident occurs almost 4 pm when the flight was almost 25 nautical miles from Kolkata. As a Vistara spokesperson, PTI said the airline is dispirited by the inappropriate experience its users had, and the health status of injured persons is closely monitoring.

The Boeing 737 aircraft along with 113 travelers on board landed safely at 4:25 pm at Kolkata. After reaching the Kolkata airport, all injured travelers were sent to the Charnock hospital in the airport vicinity.

Vistara, an airline service provider said in a statement that Flight UK775 running Mumbai-Kolkata on June 7, 2021 experience serious turbulence just 15 minutes before landing. As per the initial reports, this roughness cause injuries to some travelers who were offered 1st aid at the flight and instant medical assistance after reached Kolkata. They also said that they are investigating the incident firstly and will share the latest updates earlier.

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