Ring of Fire: Why a solar eclipse will make a cosmic hole on 10th June

After people were experienced the super moon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse united into 1, another celestial event is coming soon. Astrologers will get to see the Ring of Fire around the sun as a 1st solar eclipse will take place on the 10th June 2021.

The rare sight will occur when earth, moon, and sun align together to make an energetic colored ring around the moon that covers the sun. You will observe this solar eclipse for above one hour.

What is a ring of fire?

At the time of the solar eclipse, the moon emits a shadow on the Earth which makes a visual phenomenon. And, it revolves around the sun and earth while blocking sunlight. Because, the moon covers the sun center, the edges release a glowing halo that makes an illuminating ring of fire. On June 10, the solar eclipse will be observed by astrologers in various countries.

At the solar eclipse, the moon will not fully cover the sun because the distance between the moon and the earth is changing due to the oval and elliptical orbit of the latter. It is the reason why you see the supermoon and sometimes the moon looks smaller or bigger than its usual size.

The solar eclipse has 3 types such as annular, partial, and total. An annular eclipse occurs when the moon is at a great distance from the earth. As the moon is far away from the earth, it looks smaller. Also, it does not fully cover the sun. As per Nasa, at the time of the solar eclipse, the moon emits 2 shadows on the earth. This event occurs after every 18 months on the earth. And, not the same as a lunar eclipse, the solar eclipse lasts for just some minutes.

Where to see a ring of fire?

On June 10, the annular solar eclipse or ring of fire will be seen from some parts of North Eastern Canada, Greenland, the North Pole, and Russia. On the other hand, North America, Europe, Arctic, Atlantic, and Asia regions will observe some part of the solar eclipse. India can’t see the rare cosmic event.

As per the reports, the solar eclipse will start in Canada, the north side of Lake, and northern Ontario. The ring of fire will be seen in Canada for almost 3 minutes. Whereas, in Greenland, it will observe when the eclipse will reach its peak point and can be observed in the north pole and Siberia. People in the US can’t see the solar eclipse, but people in the Upper Midwest and East Coast will watch partial eclipse only after sunrise.

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