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18 Myths about the Novel Corona Virus

Novel Corona Virus has already affected more than 2 million people across the globe. The pandemic originated in the city of Wuhan in China and thousands of people have already lost their lives. With governments of different countries announcing lockdowns to prevent the disease from spreading, people are also opting for different preventive measures like wearing masks, washing hands regularly, maintaining social distancing, and staying at home.

Many rumors about the pandemic have been spreading around and we don’t know what to believe. So, here are 18 myths about COVID-19 that do not stand anywhere on the scientific relevance:

1. Humidity or Temperature can Prevent the Virus from Spreading

Humidity or temperature does not affect the rate of COVID-19 transmission. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), this epidemic infection can transmit in all the area regardless of the climate.

At this point, there is very little information on the new virus and no one can understand the novel coronavirus. There is no information on its sensitivity to the humidity or temperature.

2. Wearing a Mask can Prevent the Transmission of COVID-19

There is no evidence of the fact that wearing a mask can protect you from the novel coronavirus transmission. World Health Organization advises that only two groups of people need to wear masks, who are:

  • Sick and Showing symptoms
  • Caring for people with coronavirus symptoms

3. Taking a Hot Bath can Prevent

Taking a hot bath cannot protect you from the infection of the novel coronavirus. The temperature of the normal human body remains constant between 36.5oC to 37oC regardless of the temperature of the bath.

4. Drinking Alcohol can Cure Corona Virus

Drinking alcohol doesn’t cure the novel coronavirus. However, the alcohol-based hand-sanitizers can protect you against any type of virus. Drinking or spraying alcohol on your body will not be beneficial against the virus in any case.

5. Non-vegetarian Food Consumption can Cause Corona Virus Infection

COVID-19 was transmitted into humans from an animal and the virus is originally a zoonotic disease. Also, no particular species of animal have been yet known to carry the virus. Medical experts suggest the people to not to believe in such rumors that consuming non-vegetarian can cause this infection. You can eat non-vegetarian food if it is prepared with proper hygiene.

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6. Holding Breath for 10 seconds Can Act as a Test for the novel corona virus

It is not true. According to doctors, a person who is infected with the COVID-19 can also hold his or her breath for more than 10 seconds. Also, the elder person or persons with breathing problems will not able to perform this task, but it does not show that they are infected with COVID-19.

7. Go to the hospital, if you Experience High Fever and Cold

Doctors advise avoiding visiting hospitals during the pandemic since it can increase the chances of catching infection even for a healthy person. In case a person experiences any such symptoms like cough, cold, or high fever, one should take the advice of the doctor over the phone.

8. Garlic Improves the Immune System

It is not true. No scientific evidence proves that the consumption of garlic can improve the immune system or can safeguard a person against coronavirus. Also, ingredients like honey, lemon, ginger, and all other Indian spices have antibacterial properties but novel coronavirus is caused by the virus and not from the bacterium. Hence, all these cannot prevent corona virus in any way.

9. Mosquitoes can fast track the transmission

It is a myth. No research or study proves that mosquitoes can act as novel corona virus carriers. It is a respiratory virus and it spreads via droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs, or via saliva droplets or nose discharge.

10. Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp or Hand Dryers can Kill Corona Virus

It is not true. As per the WHO (World Health Organization), you should wash your hand with water and soap for at least 20 seconds regularly. And, any ultraviolet disinfection lamp or hand dryers cannot help in killing the COVID-19 virus.

11. Vaccines for pneumonia can protect from novel corona virus

It is a myth. Hib (Haemophilus influenza type B) vaccine and Pneumococcal vaccine cannot protect you from novel coronavirus and corona vaccine is still not discovered. Also, the WHO (World Health Organization) suggests that there is no evidence that taking ibuprofen can worsen the symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

12. Parcels from China can Spread Novel Corona virus

It is not true. Some initial researches describe that the COVID -19 remains on particular surfaces like cardboard for only some time. And, it does not spread through the parcels coming from China.

13. Thermal Scanners can Detect COVID-19

It is a myth. Thermal scanners can detect the body temperature and it is better to identify a person who has a high fever as a coronavirus suspect. Also, the doctors treating patients of novel coronavirus and medical experts say that many people with no shown symptoms can also be infected with the COVID-19.

14. COVID-19 doesn’t Affect Young People

The effect of COVID-19 is seen in people of all age groups. Doctors or medical experts believe that people with blood pressure problems, respiratory problems, or heart diseases are at great risk if they are infected with the novel coronavirus.

Also, a healthy person of any age group can be infected by the novel coronavirus. You may be able to beat the pandemic infection, but elders or young ones have a weaker immune system and hence they are at higher risk.

15. The Acid Present in the Stomach Can Kill the Novel Coronavirus

Most of the viruses can survive the exposure to acids present in the stomach. If you drink more water, you are only diluting the acids. Hence, weakening the effect of acid on the virus.

However, COVID-19 affects your respiratory system and results in breathing problems. Stomach acid does not play any role to protect you from the coronavirus.

16. Indians can Survive Better Against Novel Coronavirus

If this is true, Indians will be the healthiest person across the world with the highest life expectancy. But, in the world, India ranks 128th in terms of life expectancy. In 1918, the influenza pandemic hit India the hardest in the world. Around 5-10% of Indians died from the pandemic of 1918.

Moreover, 7 out of the top 0 most polluted cities of the world are in India and the country also has the second-highest number of diabetic patients in the world. This shows that there might be adverse outcomes of Coronavirus in India if Indians get exposure to the virus.

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17. Vitamins, essential oils, teas, and colloidal silver can kill the novel coronavirus

There is no evidence to prove that vitamins, essential oils, teas, and colloidal silver can treat the symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

18. Inhaling steam may destroy the novel coronavirus

Steam inhaling doesn’t have any effect on coronavirus. However, if you are not careful, you may get a bad steam burn.

The global pandemic is a reminder that we all live in an interdependent and interconnected world and diseases caused by the animal to humans are one of the many consequences of illegal animal trades and destruction of their natural habitat.

During these difficult times of pandemic, we should not believe in rumors and myths spreading around on social media. Before we spread any information, we should verify the information and the sources of its origin.

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