Fighting Corona - How to Stay Safe from the Virus Infection
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Fighting Corona – How to Stay Safe from the Virus Infection?

Coronavirus, the respiratory illness that went pandemic has taken the world by storm. And, with this, governments are on high alert for fighting corona. While everyone is advised to take precautions, the federal government has implemented several protective measures. And, that won’t be enough unless you participate wholeheartedly. You should also take some steps to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. Read through the article to explore corona prevention steps and tips available for a healthy future.

Do You Have Coronavirus? – Symptoms and Risk Factors

COVID-19 can infect any person, though various groups of people have a greater risk of crucial complications developing in their bodies. Getting novel coronavirus will bring to you flu or cold-like symptoms but some infected people can stay fully asymptomatic. And, don’t rush because you got a blood group that is known to be at a higher risk. Here, everyone is on the verge and playing a responsible part can help control the spread of novel coronavirus. Self-isolation and complete quarantine are vital for a person who is experiencing deadly complications.

Fighting Corona - Symptoms, Prevention, and Risk Factors

Should You Be Worried About the Novel Coronavirus?

You didn’t get any virus infection. That’s great. But you should still be fighting corona as it’s going widespread and fatal. If you are immune, be responsible and ensure your family, friends, and other immediate contacts are safe too.

Pregnant women, adults, elders, people with HIV, asthma, diabetes, lung, and heart disease are at higher risks. And, most of the people infected by coronavirus develop only mild symptoms. While a healthy person might not take much damage but the main problem is that he/she can spread the virus to a weaker target. And, the key component to reducing this asymptomatic spread is physical distancing. Thus, maintain good social distance and hygiene levels.

Steps for Fighting Corona

A lot is running around social media and chat apps about how the novel coronavirus spreads. Respiratory vapor is believed to be the common carrier as if you cough or sneeze, the virus particles move out in the air. Besides air, the virus also spreads through touch like touching a switch, door handle, or another surface with infected hands. This is quite similar to the way common cold and influenza viruses spread.

Now, when this coronavirus has spread all over the world, social distancing is the only way to limit it. Below are some prevention steps you have to follow to be safe.

Clean Your Hands

It is the best way to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. There are some essential things that you should do daily. For instance, practicing personal hygiene helps prevent any type of respiratory illness. Clean your hands with water and soap and clean it for a minimum of 20 seconds. You can also use hand sanitizer if water and soap are not available.

Stay Home

The healthcare workers and government are continuously urging citizens to stay home. While not everyone has access to proper resources to work from home. The need to buy groceries and other essentials also compel people to move out. In such a scenario, governments are planning and encouraging home delivery services for fulfilling basic living necessities. Thus, you should avoid moving out of your place and stay indoors as much as you can so that the coronavirus chain can be broken.

Follow Health Guidelines

After complete lockdown in China, many countries, cities, and states chose to implement their protective measures in mid-March. Several private and public schools and colleges are closed to limit the coronavirus spread. Professional sports have also been postponed. Even, bars and restaurants are closed or operating with limitations. And, if your local or state government has imposed any guideline, you must follow them for your and others’ safety.

Boost Immune System

One of the best corona vaccines against this disease is a powerful immune system. The human body is capable of fighting coronavirus when the immune system is strong enough. You have to focus on including healthy habits and opt for food choices and daily activities that support your health. Also, you should get fresh air, adequate sleep, and sunlight regularly. Stay hydrated, avoid over-processed foods, and ensure that you eat sufficient micronutrients.

Stay Calm

Alongside physical health, you need to take care of your mental health as well. You need to stay calm if you start feeling anxious about the novel coronavirus.

Quick Tips for Fighting Corona

Here are a few corona prevention tips that you should follow to limit the spread of COVID-19:

  • Use your elbow’s crook or tissue to cough and sneeze.
  • Clean your skin immediately in case you get spit or mucus on the face or any other part. Don’t touch your face without washing your hands.
  • Don’t get close to a person who is sick, particularly the one with fever and respiratory symptoms.
  • Go into self-imposed isolation if you feel sick and seek medical attention if the condition doesn’t get better.
  • Thoroughly and regularly clean surfaces like doorknobs and countertops with a disinfectant.
  • Wear a mask if you are detected with COVID-19 infection or are coughing or sneezing. This way, others won’t need to wear a mask and everything will stay under control.
  • And, do remember that if you feel the need, take medical or health advice from your doctors over the phone. Step out of the home only when you feel necessary.

State, federal governments, CDC, and WHO have directed all not to travel anywhere. And, you should avoid traveling even within your city as this is the best way to limit the virus spread. Let’s unite to fight together and break the chain of this contagious virus. Do let us know if you have anything else that you would like to add to this list.

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