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A Quick Guide to Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Basics with Digital Deepak

Hi everyone, this is Gaurav Sharma, a Mechanical Engineer by profession, Funjabi : Fun loving punjabi by nature. I am working with an Indian MNC as a product development manager in Gurgaon.

My digital marketing journey was started in the month of January, when one of my friend told me about DM. It attracts me a lot (pehli nazar ka pyar wali feeling) and my eagerness to know more about the DM allows me surf my internet.

I started with learning basics from Google Fundamentals of DM and scored 95% in the exam as well. But what helped in scoring that 95% was Deepak sir’s basics of digital marketing content from digital deepak online free classes. I watched those free online videos before appearing for the exam. Then, after few days I came to know about the internship program launched by Deepak sir. I attended the first launch program and enrolled at the same time. From there a new journey started for me. Our first class happened on 16th May and as an assignment we were asked to write a blog on 1st class and post that on a social media. So here is my learning from the first class.

1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Technology
Types of digital marketing
Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is simply a better way to do the marketing digitally. The world is moving towards digital. Consumer behavior is changing. Though we don’t need to be confused with the word marketing here. The best thing about digital marketing is that you don’t need to have marketing knowledge to be a digital marketer. All you need is the basic knowledge of internet, a laptop, an internet connection and communication skills to kick start your journey like I did. Digital marketing is a vast field which comprise of various sub parts (explained in diagram).

2. Communication Skills

Communication Skills
Basic Communication Skills

When we talk about digital marketing the most important skill is communication. English being the universal accepted language is the best language to communicate to the world. We should have a good command on the English so that we can express in a better way. Below are few of the best ways to improve the English and the communications:

  • Read a book (min. 30 min per day)
  • Communicate to fellow members in English
  • Listen to stand up comedienne to know more slang works
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Think in English and many more


When you start your journey, brainstorm to set SMART GOAL. The Goal can be to become a blogger, video maker, affiliate marketer, an agency owner, start a moment or get a job.

Set Smart Goals

But remember, the Goal should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and most importantly Time based, so that you don’t set an unrealistic goal that is difficult to achieve.

Goal Example: Start a digital marketing agency and creating 1 Cr. in 2 years.

4. Understanding the World Economics

Before you enter the market you should have some basic knowledge of economy. Keep updating about what is happening in the market and what makes the market grow. To take an example, the average age of the country decides the condition of the economy. More the average age slower will be the economy and vice versa. This is due to the effect of demand and consumption of the good.

Similarly the debts are very important for an economy but over debts can leads the economy to fall down. The US economy crises in 2008 is an example of the same.

There is another exiting thing about economy that total 97% of the world’s money is with 3% of the population.

5. Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing
Integrated Marketing

The content plays a very important role in integrated digital marketing. A good content will bring the required sales. You can boost the good content through paid advertisement, email marketing and using SEO and social media that will ultimately increase sales and conversion rates. So the content is an important part of integrated digital marketing. moving further lets understand another important term of Digital marketing in next section.

6. Finding a Niche

Know your marketing niche
Find a Micro Niche

Once the Goal has been set, the next focus part should be selecting a Niche. Your niche should be a combination passion, talent & market opportunity but fulfilling your goal as well. One should be passionate, enjoy doing it, get better at it and enjoy doing everything about it.

There are 3 major Niches: health, wealth and relationship. As these are broad niche and getting successful in these will be very tough job, so to stand in the market one should choose a micro niche.

Market needs always expands because solution to needs give rise to another new need. So infinite number of niche are available in the market.

7. Finding Market Demand

You should be aware about the market demands. You can find the market demand by using google auto suggest,, look for amazon and other E-commerce reviews, talk to customers, surveys. These ways you will get an idea about the market demand and requirements.

Most of the tools in the market are paid and need access but google provide the same for free. You can search what you want to sell and with organic search results google automatically flashes the next keyword which is mostly searched by the people, and example for the same is provided below.

Google auto search phenomenon
Google Auto Search

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8. Personal Branding

“The best known will always beat the best”.

Personal branding

Personal branding is a key part of the digital marketing. If your brand is strong you can acquire many leads at the top of the sales funnel which will be converted into the final customers. A personal brand helps you to project yourself in front of the world.

Few things to keep in mind while creating personal brand:

  • Don’t hesitate to put your content out.
  • Do not have the fear of standing out.
  • Stop trying fit in.
  • Show your character and personality on social media
  • Publish content in different forms, “With more content you will own more of the internet”.

Personal branding(PB) will help you to make your style, your tribe, people will know you more from your brand, and you can build your own frame within a community.

Personal branding plays as important roles in developing trust with masses (consumers), this is called “MASS TRUST”

To build your personal brand there is a framework that plays an important role. The frame work is known as C A T T

C : Content

A : Attention

T : Trust

T : Transaction

This states that everything starts by developing good content that takes the attention of a reader. If the content is not attractive and nobody see it that is of no use. The with this you need to gain trust of the Masses : “MassTrust”. That will finally help you to get more transactions.

9. Sales Funnel in Digital Marketing

So let’s understand Sales funnel

Sales Funnel

The above portion is the most important part of the funnel where leads are generated and traffic is developed. Further to this few portion the leads are converted to the final customer of the products. For e.g. If you have 1,000,000 potential customer on the above of the funnel you can only get 1000 at the bottom which are successfully converted into the final customers. One should must understand this and plan everything to acquire most of the traffic on the top of the funnel.

So this is my leaning from the first class of digital deepak. Please comment with your valuable feedback so that I can improve in future. 

Stay Safe, Stay Home, and Keep Learning

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Excellent write up, quite educative and informative. The art work is simply superb. Congratulations and best wishes 👍👍

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Hey Gaurav, amazing post!!
Being an English trainer, I can easily tell you have amazing writing skills and a knack for storytelling! Kudos!
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