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Creating Customer Avatar : An Iconic Profile of your Ideal Customer

After learning about the basics of digital marketing, here we are on to the next step where we will learn abut creating customer avatar. So we have discussed about the importance of communication in first step of digital marketing. If you want to be a successful marketer you should have a good hold on communication skills. For details, you can click here and read the full article.But, there a few aspects that are very important before moving ahead.  They are :

1. Read –> Learn –> DO –> Teach

If you read a lot you will learn, but your learning is not of any use if you do not convert your learning into executions. These form a key part of life as everything demands execution. It’s truly said

“its not done until it is done”.

An Indian phrase: “gyan bante se bhadta hai” so after you learn, execute, and teach the learnings to the other people and REPEAT!!! . By this, not only you will educate people but also, your knowledge will grow. This is the best way to gain without pain.

“If Mistakenly written a mistake and realized its a mistake, then its actually not a mistake”

But remember, when you learn and execute you will do a lot of mistakes, but it’s important to face the mistakes and learn from the past. Mistakes are good if you take away good part and materialize thereafter. These are the future investments whose value is yet to be realized. So, mistakes are the stepping stones of life that help to progress in future.

2. You can be a good marketer…

When you talk about a marketer, it’s all about good communication. The essence of a good communicator lies in being AUTHENTIC!! If your communications are not good no one will talk to you. But if you are not authentic, not body will even lend an ear to you. People generally likes authentic people.

A better marketer is not the one with a degree of management but the one with more life experiences. Life experiences do not come only with age, it may also be gained when you travel, meet with a lot of different people, study about various cultures, learn new languages, converse with lot people, and try to adapt the change. Also, one very important thing that can actually groom you in a better way is to talk to old people. Old people have seen a entire life and their experiences give you a worm’s view.

In a nut shell, every morning wake up with a goal of learning a new thing, execute it and then teach that new thing to others. This will increase your life experience and you will take another step to be a better marketer.

Creating a Customer Avatar

Customer Avatar is an ideal customer profile who will buy your services. Before considering your ideal consumer avatar, you should understand your audience first. Because every onlooker is not your audience. So you should define a target audience before creating a customer avatar. If you talk to all you will end up with nothing in hand. So it’s important to define the audience.

In order to find the right audience, you should be Creating a customer avatar so that your services can reach to the exact pool. So to create a customer avatar you can do survey, calling and interact with customers considering demographics and psycho-graphics of the customer further adding the product (niche) related questions. By this you can exactly get an ideal image of you customer that will buy your services.

To start with, I have created few question for the survey considering my new work on my page: Extraordinary Humans where I made and share short videos related to some extraordinary humans and efforts

(Do like & share the page Extraordinary Humans)

Hence, the survey was related to creating customer avatar for Watching Short videos. You can read the complete survey question here. The results based on 59 responses are shown below :

So as Deepak Sir said “Focus on the Center, not on the Border”.

On the basis of 59 responses and considering the Law of large number” we can find our ideal customer avatar.

Lets name our ideal customer avatar to be David. SO my ideal customer person is like :

Now lets select an ideal customer avatar from the survey and talk to them to know more about their likes and dislikes.

Customer avatar 1:

My first ideal customer avatar is Ayush Agarwal who is 28 years old and likes to watch more of short entertainment videos between his working hours in free time to rejuvenate. He spends approximately 1 hour in watching the videos on his mobile phones per day. Though he does not like to make his own videos but appreciate the work of others. Apart from entertainment videos, he loves to watch great personalities videos as well and if he gets to meet any celebrity he would love to meet an industrialist.

Customer avatar 2:

My 2nd ideal customer avatar is Shashank Upadhay, also a member of DD army (Digital Deepak’s batch name). He is 24 years old  and lives in the city of love “Paris”, likes watching short entertainment comedy videos, use Facebook a lot so loves to watch videos on Facebook only. Though he does not like to make his own videos but loves to watch entertainment content posted by others. If he gets a chance he would love to meet an industrialist as he can learn a lot of thing from him.


So, from the survey, it is clear that my target audience is of age group 20~30 years old who likes to watch entertainment videos but also loves to watch videos about industrialist as these are impacted by influencers. As most of them use mobile to watch the videos, so my videos should be mobile friendly. Apart from that, majority of the people use Facebook to watch short videos so Facebook can be effectively used to promote and watch videos.

So this is my learning from the 2nd class of digital Deepak internship. Stay tuned for getting more learning on DM.

Gaurav Sharma

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