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33 Things to do at home While in Self Isolation

Locked in self imposed isolation? Don’t worry! You aren’t alone. With the world struggling from the novel Coronavirus pandemic, many countries & cities around the globe are locked down. And, governments are asking their residents to go into self isolation. Though both the government and NGOs are working to fulfill food and other necessities. Spending days in seclusion will be detrimental for mental health as self isolation and depression go side by side. And, if you too are feeling stuck inside with nothing much to do, here’s an ultimate list of things to do at home.

Healthy Things to do at Home During Self Isolation

1. Exercise

Healthy things to do at home - exercise

Gyms are also closed due to lockdown but you can still work out at home. Burpees, squats, and press-ups are a few of the workouts that you can do at home without using any equipment. Alternatively, you can opt for yoga by dedicating a space in your lounge for daily stretch outs.

2. Maintain Your Daily Routine

It’s going to feel good to be lazy for a short time but it isn’t recommended for the long term. Considering your mental health, you should maintain a healthy daily routine. Go to bed early to get sufficient sleep and add activities for entertainment. Some people lose optimism while self isolating which is not good for their self, relationships, and jobs either. Thus, add a healthy eating, fun, workout, and other things to avoid going lazy and losing the healthy balance.

3. Restrict Your News Intake

You are already pissed off due to the lockdown caused by the novel coronavirus. Now, continue watching coverage about the virus on TV is going to further affect your mental health. Regularly listening to news reports about the outbreak can cause one to feel distressed or anxious. Thus, invest your free time in some useful activities or watch funny, motivational things. But staying informed is important too. So, you should tune into news channels once in a while and avoid being a part of the rumor chains.

4. Don’t Get Negative Spiral

It is a strictly dangerous thing to do especially when you are under quarantine. When your mind isn’t engaged in some work, it is probably going to bring in negative thoughts around. And, the talks of the virus spread and its negative impact are only going to worsen the case. Avoid such things by keeping your mind and body busy. Even if you are done with all the chores, tune into something that sends out happy vibes like comedy programs.

5. Leave a Bad Habit

Leave a Bad Habit - healthy things to do at home

The time of lockdown is the perfect one for you to get rid of a bad habit. Those like craving for sugar, caffeine, or smoking are easy to leave during this stay home period. Focus on essentials and try not to buy extra stuff that you are addicted to, at least for some time. This way, you can work on understanding triggers and replacing those bad habits with good ones.

6. Move Around

Almost everyone staying home is complaining about not being able to go outside and that’s justified to an extent. In light of a complete lockdown, people cannot go outside for physical exercise or regular walks. And, this will harm physical health as well as mental health as movement is essential. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Do some walkouts at home, google for home workout routines and follow. If you aren’t the workout person, you can simply turn some music you like and get dancing.

7. A Healthy Diet is a Must

Eat a Healthy Diet during lockdown

It’s common to keep lying on the sofa without any move and eating unhealthy while staying at home. Not to forget, those tiny tongue-tickling snacks are a favorite time pass when there’s nothing to do. But have you ever thought of how that will impact your health? If you are unable to go to the market and buy some healthy food, you can get it delivered home. Or, you can make a healthy diet plan at home.

Hey, that’s another interesting thing. Go browse that web and look for healthy diet making lessons. And, if you love cooking, you can look for ideas to prepare a healthy meal plan for these days of isolating yourself from others.

8. A Personal SPA

Self-care is essential in these stress-filled days to maintain your mental health. Take a warm bath, enjoy your favorite tunes, and devote a day to yourself. If possible, create a spa-like environment using the things that you have at your place. With this, you can ensure a better mental as well as physical health while staying in self isolation. You can add some delicious food and dedicate a soothing time to yourself. Other interesting things that you can add to the routine can include reading a favorite novel/book and playing with instruments or kids. Besides, early bedtime and light meditation can add more to your overall health while you stay home for quarantine.

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Useful Things to do at Home During Quarantine

9. Spring Clean Your Space

Being forced to up within those 4 walls, going crazy stir and yearning to do something is justified. And, with stress and anxiety kicking in, cleaning is known to help reduce those alongside keeping germs and dust away. So, get your brooms and sponges ready, tune into that list of favorite tracks, and start cleaning.

10. Cook Something New

Cook Something New at home

Done with cleaning? This is the perfect time to gorge on some new recipes. You can cook new dishes at your home during that boring self isolation. Try something on your own or learn various dishes like DIY brunches, hearty kinds of pasta, and others online. Celebrate every day like a weekend without stepping outside. When you cook delicious food at home, it keeps you busy and is good for your physical and mental health.

11. Declutter Your Wardrobe

You have all the time in the world to sort out that clutter in your wardrobe. Take out everything in there and ditch the ones that you have not worn from the last 6 months. Make different sections and arrange everything to make clothes, accessories, and everything easily accessible. Plus, don’t forget to make a nice appearance. Also, you can try out all the outfits to see which one fits right. And, if you can tailor the non-fitting ones to your size.

12. Read a Book

Not willing to move around and make many efforts? Kill the boredom with a book you have been willing to read for long. Pick up that novel or book from the shelf or get some interesting content online like that on Kindle. Add a blanket, a hot drink, or a favorite snack to make it a cherishable time migrating to a different world.

13. Plant Flowers

Plant Flowers at home

This one’s something everyone has thought of doing at least once in life. Create a home garden that adds beauty to your place alongside contributing a bit to the environment. Plant some flowers or other saplings and watch them bloom. Believe me, that’s going to be a soothing experience for your mind and soul.

14. Learn a language

Upgrading your skills always works in your favor. But that thing needs you to dedicate some extra time and effort. And, guess what? You got that much-needed time. Learn some language and update your resume to get the desired job. Lots of websites and apps are available online that provide you free lessons. And, you can choose from programming languages to academic ones as per your preference.

15. Find Ways to Shorten Your Screen Time

Are you spending all day just sitting in front of a screen for pleasure or work? This is gonna harm you in the long run. The blue light from those screens of laptops, desktops, or mobile phones can be disruptive to your overall wellbeing. Anxiety is another negative impact that this long screen exposure causes. There are a variety of things you can do to reduce screen time avoiding negatives of self isolation and depression. Download podcasts, bake new dishes, try medication, learn interesting things, and there’s much more to do. Just explore your surroundings and try to find screenless ways to kill boredom.

Entertaining and Fun Things to do at Home During Lockdown

16. Watch Your Favorite Netflix  and TV Shows

Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

What a great relief! You can now finally complete your favorite Netflix documentaries and TV shows without distraction. Tune into Netflix to watch a  comic show, a thriller series, or a romantic drama with your loving partner. All in all, you need to use this time to relax with quality entertainment as well. This will help reduce stress and serve as a company while isolating oneself.

17. Solve Some Suduku or Crossword Puzzles

Looking for something challenging? Get some Suduku puzzles and/or crosswords to test your brain. Besides, you can also find a wide range of mind-challenging games online. And, with this, you don’t even need to step outside to entertain yourself.

18. Video Chat With Your Loved Ones or Friends

Video chat with your loved ones or friends

You can use Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, or any other app for virtually spending quality time with your loved ones. You can share your moments of cooking, eating, or doing nothing via video chat with them. And, in case, you stay away from your home, you can connect with your family back home over video calls.

19. Dance it out

Missing those parties with friends? Make up for a party-like environment at home by tuning into your favorite tracks. Dance out the stress with your family members or friends over a video call. If you are a shy one, dance in your bedroom, living room, or even bathroom and you can use a hairbrush as a microphone.

20. Play Board Games

Use this quarantine time to relive the golden era of your childhood with your family. Take out those board games like ludo, carom, monopoly, or any other you got and start having fun. Alternatively, you can choose to play on your phone offline with family or online with friends or strangers.

21. Play Games Online

In the quarantine time, you are likely to be spending more time on social media platforms. You can participate in challenges put forward by your friends on Facebook or Instagram. You can either choose from popular mini-games on social sites or try some future predicting fun apps. And, many of your friends might be sharing games in stories on Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook statuses. Participate in those to have some fun time socializing. With this, you can reconnect your friends and recall those beautiful memories as well.

22. Book Club Online

All those clubbing and party lovers, here’s how you can still do what you love. Find an online club and make new friends during this isolation period. Start with deciding a theme and then find groups based on the same. Finally, book the one that seems a perfect match. This could be one of the best ways to kill boredom at home. And, you also get a chance to explore more about your favorite themes by connecting with like-minded people. Set some rules beforehand and select specific dates and times for video conferencing with your new friends.

23. Stay Connected With Others

If you are isolating self from others, there is no need to cut yourself from everything out there. Though there’s a pressing need for social distancing today, you can still connect with your family or friend through a phone call. As per the WHO, limiting your physical contact is the best way to contain the pandemic outbreak. Thus, disconnect on physical grounds but stay connected online with your loved ones. Plan for video conferences or connect through email, telephone, and social media. This will not only help you stay home comfortably but also reduce anxiety, stress, and depression at both ends.

24. Attend a Live Concert Virtually

Attend a live concert virtually

Many popular pop stars are launching their virtual concerts and creating music for their stay home listeners. You can find an online experience similar to enjoying a live concert at a physical location. Don’t worry if you missed a live concert. You can always watch recorded videos online.

25. Enjoy Virtual Theatre

Famous personalities are getting together to make short videos for your entertainment at home. They are also creating some inspirational videos so you don’t feel stressed in this quarantine time. Besides, theatres have also changed their way of presenting art in light of the closures. And, today, you can enjoy a virtual theatre.

26. Escape the Loneliness With a New Web Series

Bored at home of watching that repeat movie broadcast on the TV? This free time is an opportunity for you to explore new movies (or at least, try out a new genre). If watching those long movies isn’t your pick, try out some of the popular web series on Amazon Prime and Netflix. It can help you to explore the world while just sitting on your sofa. And, when there are movies postponed in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, web series are brilliantly bridging the gap.

Creative Things to do at Home During Self Isolation

Creative Things you can do at home

27. Do What You Always Wanted to Do

This happens many times when you are willing to do a task, work, or anything but haven’t got enough time. You may love writing and wish to write something or willing to take some classes on photography. You can use this time to upgrade your resume and land your dream job when things go normal.

28. Create a Picture Album

How many times have you looked back to those memories you collected in the form of pictures? There are many from those vacations, family functions, school or college times, and many more. Now, with so much time in your hand, go through all those pictures and pick the best ones to place into a scrapbook or photo album. And, if you have a lot of them saved in your phone memory, create a back up now. This will help prevent you from losing those memories in case of misfortune with your phone.

29. Start Your Own Blog

Start your own blog

In this modern world, you can begin your blog. Use this time wisely and begin a blog to share your favorite hobbies or thoughts. WordPress is famous among most of the bloggers and it is simpler and easier to use.

30. Do Some Creative Stuff

Those practicing art and craft often yearn for seclusion and opt for isolating oneself from others. Do you feel the same? Congrats! You got many days to bring your hidden artist out and be creative. And, doing this is considered as a great practice to kill depression while staying home. From sketching and coloring to pottery, there’s a lot you can do at home. If you aren’t able to generate some creative ideas or stuck somewhere, the web world is always a tap away. A simple search can get you access to lots of ideas. You can also make it a habit by putting yourself to daily challenges or tasks and creating something new daily.

Get Prepared for When This Quarantine Lockdown Ends

31. Create a Travel List

Plan your travel - things to do at home

You have been willing to travel out to new places. Haven’t you? Because you didn’t get any time to plan a holiday in the near past, now is the time to do it. List down the places that you want to explore and make a plan for that trip. Also, enlist food or snacks that you can carry along with. You can get inspiration from various travel blogs out there or switch to Pinterest to find and pin places you desire to visit.

32. Prepare Yourself for the Next Crisis

Once this pandemic is over, getting back to the normal life is gonna be difficult for many. So, you have to stay alert and prepare yourself for what’s coming next. Take advice from your financial advisor and know your options to respond to the post-crisis time.

Do you still have your job? For how long can you survive on funds you already got? Do you have enough to cover a medical or any other emergency? Don’t panic and sit down to evaluate your current situation. Take a pen and paper and start noting down only the basic necessities you need during this period. And, this will help you plan and prepare better for your future.

33. Make Your Post-lockdown To-do List

What to do after lockdown - things to do at home

This self isolation time is long enough to take up many big tasks. And, here’s another small thing you can do when staying home alone. Create a list of things that you want to do after you step out of seclusion. These things can include going to a physician or doctor, selling your vehicle, meeting with friends, and more. It could also be trying out your favorite cuisine when eateries open up after so long.

So, what’s your pick during this self isolation lockdown period? Let us know if there’s something you suggest to be a part of the list and we will add it with credits back to you. Enjoy your quarantine period with this lot of things to do while isolating self from others. Stay home, stay safe, and let’s break the corona spread chain.

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